Monday, July 23, 2012

Talkin' Brick Ovens

In a few days I will be bringing my portable brick oven to the 2012  Kneading Conference in Skowhegan, Maine.

In addition to firing the oven up so that King Arthur Flour Company can bake in it, I will be presenting a talk on 3000 years of Brick Oven Baking.   Since I build traditional old-world domed ovens and bake in them, I have been drawn to explore ovens in Europe, Central America, and North America from which I learn much about the construction and use of these ovens. 
The Kneading Conference is fully subscribed at this time but I will post blogs on the happenings there as time and downloading permit.

Give us this day our daily bread (Urval, France)
These conferences are a great way to meet and talk to the experts and fanatics in the field of wood-fired ovens, bread baking, and heritage grains.

I personally look forward to learning a lot.

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