Tuesday, December 19, 2017


This past week demonstrated the strength of an indoor brick oven.  The one I have in my conservatory is just off the kitchen and an occasional walk down two steps allows me to stoke the oven while I do other things.
I've been experimenting with focaccia recipes, something between bread and pizza dough, and today I nailed it. Dipped in Fiore Coratina EV olive oil it was a great afternoon snack.  https://www.fioreoliveoils.com
Then as the oven evened out at about 450F, I took a butternut squash that had miraculously kept from our summer garden of 2016 (15 months ago) and made a recipe I found on Bon Apetit's site: https://www.bonappetit.com/recipe/hasselback-butternut-squash-with-bay-leaves
I had made the recipe before for a Thanksgiving potluck and it was splendid.

Lastly, I placed a large chunk of applewood in the oven so that I can bring it back up to temperature in ten minutes from coals tomorrow morning. It  gives me the evening to contemplate breakfast.

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