Tuesday, July 17, 2018

2018 Kneading Conference

2000 year-old oven in Pompeii
I'll be at the 2018 Kneading Conference in Hinkley, Maine next week (July 26-27).  www.kneadingconference.com
It's the premier baking, grain, and wood-fired oven conference in the Northeast.
You can meet me there with attendees from across the country for two full days of learning, sharing, and (duh) baking.  There are lots of workshops covering topics from growing and milling grains, baking artisan breads, brewing beer, and using wood-fired ovens.  I will be presenting an visual talk called:


Bread from my oven last time I presented

Kerry Altiero (who will be there) cooking in my oven
(which will be there)

Get the inside scoop from a brick oven

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