Friday, January 4, 2019

The Brick Oven App

App is short for application, generally indicating that the program gives you access to a specific group of resources.

So what would a brick oven app look like?

If I were to design one, it would be most useful to first time brick oven users and save them the trouble of reading the operation manual PDF on my website:

You would point your smart phone at the brick oven mouth and it would know if you had lit the fire.
If not, it would direct you to build a fire under the flue (link to Youtube).  It would then prompt you, using your annoying ringtone, when you should add firewood.

Successive phone shots would feed app the progress you are making until the clever infrared feature on the app would tell you when the oven is at temperature, let's say 800F.

By tapping the kind of food you want to cook (icons on the screen), the app would instruct you on preparing said foods and using the tools (separate app linked to Amazon) to introduce and remove food.

The app would not instruct you on serving or eating the food.  There, you'll be on your own.


You could experience the cognitive/physical process of using a brick oven without a smartphone.
Think about it and instagram me at: #brickovenbuilder or comment on this post.  Thanks.


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