Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Portable Brick Oven Style

I've just finished a 48" interior diameter portable brick oven for a caterer. As with outdoor brick ovens and indoor brick ovens, style is what a custom brick oven can offer. Materials and structural choices for a portable brick oven have to take into account the road-worthiness of both the trailer, the oven, and of course, the vehicle that will pull the oven.

Still, I hesitate to sacrifice the potential beauty that the attending public looks for when they walk up to a brick oven for a fresh-baked pizza or bread.

Here are the photos:

This oven has an Irish limestone shelf and keystone and a synthetic slate roof with a copper cap.
It weighs approximately 4500 lbs and has both high-temp fiber insulation around the dome and 60 cubic feet of loose vermiculite filling the enclosure.
When I fired it to 750 F, the interior was still over 200 F three days later.

The  trailer and oven rode well pulled by a 3/4 ton pickup truck with electric brake controller.

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