Monday, August 15, 2011

Brick Oven Accoutrments

The tools and accessories that you make, find, or purchase add to the ease with which you use your oven. The 'peel' is the wood or metal tool used for managing the products going in and out of the oven. Typically the wood peel introduces pizzas and breads and the metal peel arranges them and removes them when done.

Other items such as pans, casseroles, cast-iron cookware allow you to use the oven for foods that are cooking in broth or slow-baked.
High-temperature roasting and broiling can be done in a skillet as early as twenty minutes into the firing cycle.

An ordinary garden hoe can be used to manage the coals although a hoe/wire brush combo tool is available from restaurant supply companies.

Brick ovens can accommodate standard bread pans, pie pans, roasting pans and the like.
Clean-up of splattered fats is never a problem as each subsequent firing is the equivilant of a standard 'oven cleaning'.

All ovens pictured by True Brick Ovens.

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