Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Harvest Dinner at Grandview Farm

Each year, Dan Kary and Michelle Mazur-Kary, co-owners of Cinque-Terre and Vignola Restaurants in Portland, Maine host a five course dinner at their farm in Greene. The farm, the producer of organic vegetables for the restaurants is a beautiful place on its own, but when the third co-owner Chef Lee Skawinski and his crew pour in with their skills and energy, the place becomes a one-day country villa restaurant.

Last year, I built two brick ovens for the farm that were used to cook some dishes for the dinner and again this year, the bread, some appetizers, and the roasted veal were baked in one or the other wood-fired brick ovens.

Suffice to say, the afternoon, under calm, warm, sunny skies was foodie heaven.

Products from Stoneheart Farm, Longfellow Farm, Allagash Brewery, UFF Ciders, and Grandview Farm's own honey, vegetables, peaches, squash, kale, fennel, lettuce, beets, and more confirmed the restaurant's reputation for award-winning Farm-to-Table recognition. The honey almond tart, white chocolate semifreddo, farm peach preserve at right was beyond description.

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