Friday, November 4, 2011

Low Cost Wood-Fired Oven

For some, the cost of a true brick oven (even just the materials) is 'over-the-top'. I'm a strong proponent of not giving up. In that spirit, I pass along to anyone the reality that for less than $100 you can build a wood-fired oven that will get you baking.  This kind of oven can also be built in a day or so.
With this small investment of time and effort you may discover a passion for wood-fired cooking that will lead you to build a brick oven or simply get friends together for a party.
using a broken ski pole to fan flames

My friend, Jesse Cottingham took the initiative with his oven. I gave him some spare red brick and firebrick and following his experience at the 2011 Maine Kneading Conference with Stu Silverstein, (see his book: Bread, Earth. and Fire) made himself a small oven.
Click on his link to see how he built it.

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