Friday, November 18, 2011


Recent developments on the American War on Obesity seemed to target PIZZA as the culprit. That's a lot of mozzarella, if you ask me.

As with U.S. students' drop in world literacy standing, obesity is linked to junk input and non-engaging activities. Although most of this non-living takes place outside the school, targeting America's favorite food is like asking the kids to throw away their cell phones.
Studies have shown that sugar rich soft-drinks contribute more to obesity and diabetes than pizza.  Still, if you consider that a student eating pre-made, fat-enhanced, sodium-heavy, cafeteria pizza at school and the same types of food at home (washed down with soda) with little or no activity in a 24-hour day might be prone to weight gain, you can see that the problem of diet exists.

Here's what I've noticed about PIZZA when and wherever I've demonstrated making it in my brick ovens:
1. People love thin crust.
2.They love some crunchy whole grain in the crust.
3.Making, then watching their own pizza bake makes them happy.
4.The stuff that goes on the pizza is personal, fresh, and also makes them happy.
5. Pizza inspires people to get involved with making food.

So, if we know that people love pizza and we are concerned with the level of health in our children, why can't we get them more involved with their food.  Making pizza can lead one down the road to growing the vegetables, making the dough, getting friends together, and making good food choices.

School programs that connect students to their food sources stand a better chance of changing the dietary future of our young people. 
Obesity is a result of industrial foods. Enough said.

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