Saturday, January 28, 2012

Indoor Brick Oven Construction: Part 4

view up throat
brickwork above throat
Once the dome, the mouth and the throat of the oven are built, accommodations are needed to get the flue gases out of doors.  Truly, indoor brick ovens need to be especially adept at preventing smoke from invading the living space. Aside from the obvious annoyance of smoke, the remnant odor and its tendency to trip smoke alarms make this an important detail.

open flue channel
chimney connect
The illustrated oven additionally needed a flue channel that directed the smoke over the dome so that the insulated metal chimney passed through into an adjoining attic space and up over the roofline. The flue channel was built with standard firebrick and large slabs of firebrick panels and runs approximately 30" horizontally before it converts to the thimble connecting it to the metal chimney.

Insulating concrete was used to build a bracket for the flue channel.
Following blogs will illustrate the complete insulation and surround of the oven.

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