Saturday, May 12, 2012

Monolithic Brick Oven Base

Nearly all the foundations for brick ovens I've built have either been constructed of concrete block on a concrete slab or on trailers for portable ovens.
The accompanying photos show a monolithic base formed to an irregular outcrop.  It took a bit of effort to scribe and cut the forms where they meet the ledge but the entire base, sides and top are one solid reenforced unit.
Holes were drilled into the ledge for rebar and the forms were made, whenever possible with full-length two-by stock so that it could be reused in other applications.
The top slab was half-filled with concrete (reenforced with rebar and wire mesh) and then filled in the center with vermiculite and Portland cement mix for insulation purposes.  The fire brick floor and all the rest of the masonry will go above.

Pushing the concrete mix to the edges of the form allowed us to place the insulating mix in the center where it would be under the oven floor bricks.

P.S. The brick patio surrounding the ledge was also built by True Brick Ovens.  For more landscape design go to:

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