Sunday, May 13, 2012

Steve Jobs' Biography

Walter Issacson's biography of Steve Jobs is also a historical timeline for all the digital technology I am using today.  It also provides a sharp and often sad insight into one of the most influential geniuses of our time.
Here's how it interfaces with building brick ovens:
The term 'widget' comes up repeatedly in the lingo of Apple to describe the continuity of thought that went into Apple's and by inference, Steve Jobs' most dramatic inventions.
With brick ovens, as with Apple products, making the entire product a result of inside-to-outside beauty and integration as well as providing the 'software' (in the case of brick ovens: the traditional context) specifically made for the individual oven.
True Brick Ovens' David Neufeld isn't a Steve Jobs.  He is however a proponent of having technology meet the arts (another theme of Apple and Steve Jobs).  In the case of ovens, the technology was simplified and perfected centuries ago with the domed brick oven and the art continues to evolve as civilization moves towards a future where our connection to who and where and what we are can be elusive.
As a landscape designer (, David Neufeld has half a lifetime of experience arranging the pieces of the larger puzzle of our surroundings into one cohesive and satisfying whole.
It is hoped for, and often is true, that a brick oven can change your life.  A sizable claim perhaps, but look at the digital hardware you carry around and say that a device isn't capable of changing lives.

This post was written on a MacBook Air.  Wonders!

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