Saturday, August 11, 2012

Brick Oven Grilling

The mouth of a brick oven is an ideal location for wood-fired grilling.  The throat (the area above the mouth where the chimney exits) acts as a hood for the smoke from grilling.

By placing half bricks in four locations and setting a standard section from a gas grill atop these bricks you create a grilling location.  A small fire of hardwood sticks will give you grilling coals in 15 minutes and by feeding a few small sticks towards the end of grilling you will get smoke and flame that will perfect the grilled product (meat, fish, vegetables).  If you have a vegetable grilling tray (the one with lots of holes and tabs for holding on each end), the process will be super-easy,

At the end of last week, I grilled steak tips one night and added small sticks of apple wood for the smoke.  The next night I grilled chicken and threw in fresh rosemary stems for their smoke.  Then on Sunday, I made pizza.  Monday morning I cooked breakfast and off I went to a week of building a stone garden house for a customer.

I use seven pieces of quarter split firewood for all this cooking.

In comparison to our gas grill, the smoked meats were spectacular.

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