Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Pizza on the Fly

I  stopped in to see Ryan Carey, owner and pizza slinger of Pizza on the Fly on the last day of the Fryeburg Fair.
He and his twin brother and friends had been turning out 90 second pizzas all week.
Two years ago, I built the portable oven that he has been trucking around to big festivals all over New England every weekend of the summer.
Ryan (and his crew) impress me as go-getters willing to work a regular job all week and then work another 50 hours on the weekends.  Made me remember my 20's.
I enjoyed watching the 16" pizzas going in and then 90 seconds later coming out bubbling hot and perfect.
Pizza wisdom has it that the shorter time the dough bakes the more soft and crunchy the crust is.  A slice of their Tomato Basil pizza convinced me that they have the recipe down.

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