Thursday, October 11, 2012

Stone Turtle Baking and Cooking School

     "From Friday evening’s pizza party to Saturday’s wrap-up you will receive 2 full days of comprehensive instruction on wood-fired oven management.  But don’t let the work “intensive” scare you – this class is seriously fun!  All meals included, which is only fair since you’ll preparing and cooking them!
    Hands-on and strictly limited to 8 students."
    As described on the Stone Turtle website

        When Michael Jubinsky offers a brick oven intensive, get ready for a tour-de-force of wood-fired cooking.

        I visited the school the day before the intensive in October began and Michael was pre-heating the wood-fired oven and  measuring out ingredients for puff pastry that would be part of the welcome food. 

        Leafing through the book of recipes covered for the weekend, I was struck (silent and drooling) by the quantity and breadth of foods about to be prepared (and eaten) by the eight lucky participants.

        Having an oven of my own and having cooked or baked a wide range of food in the oven, I couldn't help but imagine the surprise that anyone would feel as meal after meal, meats, seafood, breads, desserts, and more were rotated through the changing temperatures of the wood-fired oven.

        Even as an experienced cook, I know I'd learn a full helping from a weekend with Michael.  His good-natured, but exacting approach to success in the kitchen makes him a philosopher/scientist chef.

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