Thursday, November 29, 2012

Longer Brick Ovens

Strictly square or round brick ovens, although having qualities that appeal to different users, are not the only shape possible.  The 'squirrel tail' Appalacian style oven was built at a masons' workshop (Backyard Oven Workshop with Peter Moore
MHA Annual Meeting, 2006.

Bricks set dry on 'Foamglass' and perimeter of oven scribed
I am currently building an elongated Pompeii dome oven in St. Charles, MO.
Sometimes, space constraints require that the shape of ovens be modified and with careful consideration this can be accommodated.

 The 'stretcher' bricks will be brought up to an elongated keystone but otherwise the oven progresses the same as circular domes with each chain being locked into place by the angles of the bricks.

The arch form and mouth arch come next...
End of Day Two

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  1. The furnace usually flashes 3 red lights, and sometimes 5 flashes Industrial Heaters