Friday, July 5, 2013

From Concept to Cooking: Part Three

This oven was part of a patio/house/oven splice.  The pattern of patio bricks and the placement of the oven were determined by the enclosed outdoor space created by two porches on the house.

The brick pattern was laid to converge in front of the oven mouth and meet in the corner of the two porches.  Extending the brick motif from the patio to the oven and the granite usage from the ledge upon which the oven was built to the patio edges and the oven face also seemed natural.

 Combining brick for the upper part of the oven enclosure and stone veneer for the lower portion (wood box) gave the project a break from all brick or all stone.  The oven has a faux slate roof.  As with all my projects, one central goal is to make the whole new part seem like it has always been there.

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