Sunday, November 24, 2013

Authentic Brick Ovens

Call me weird, but whenever I see the term, "authentic brick oven" on a restaurant, or business and what they have is a cast-refractory oven with a few bricks adorning the face, I reflect on how traditions get 'modernized'.  I once saw an add for organic bricks:-?
So, who wants to build or have an authentic brick oven and why?

Be forewarned, really, true, authentic brick ovens are more work or more money than cast-refractory kits.  The differences exist on many levels:
  1. An oven built with fire brick is far more durable than cast refractory because the structure is integral, each brick supported by the ones on either side and the ones below, locked in place by gravity and by the traditional wedge shape of each brick.
  2. An authentic brick oven looks authentic. When you look inside, you see staggered jointed bricks.  You'd see this same pattern in ovens 100-2000 years old.
  3. Authentic brick ovens, built from 4.5" thick fire brick have heat coefficients that match the purpose and contain sufficient mass for a long baking cycle.
  4. True brick ovens can be built by anyone with the attention to detail, the time, and common materials.
I chose to build brick ovens with authentic brick because there is a tradition that makes the work satisfying.  One might say that cast-refractory has it's parallel in the book industry, where you can purchase an Ebook rather than have the tactile experience of a printed, bound, volume.

But Ebook sellers don't represent their digital version as an authentic book.  Or do they?

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