Monday, October 17, 2016

Custom Brick Ovens

Each time I finish an oven project, I stand back far enough to see the unique aspects that emerged during construction.  These tend to be moments when I saw an opportunity for some enhancement of either appearance or function (or when fortunate both).

I just finished this oven in Winchester, NH.  It contains some new insights.

Both came about due to the workspace counter to the right of the oven.  In order to integrate the supporting lintels for the two flat granite surfaces, I veneered the three forward walls with stone to the point where the lintel would sit.

Veneered all around 

6" of insulation before roof

Secondly, the three foot by three foot workspace would have been too deep if covered with one piece of stone.  I raised the rear 12 inches of shelf on its own bit of stonework.

You can be the judge of the results.

Custom brick ovens become a reality when the owner and I have an ongoing conversation about form and function.  And because I quote the projects, neither I or the owner is bound to the unpredictability of "time-and-materials" where "better ideas or methods" end up translating to "more money".

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