Saturday, November 19, 2016

Brick Oven in Greenhouse

Of those wanting a brick oven, and those who also live in the northern half of the U.S., isn't it the wish to have a mild climate in which to enjoy the oven?

A customer of mine found the solution;  build the oven into one end of a greenhouse, fill the greenhouse with fig trees, herbs, and other Mediterranean plants, light the oven and 'Mangia!'

As is important when splicing a masonry project with any new building, I was brought in early, before the foundation was poured.  We planned location, access, size and style.

From there it has been a dance between the various contractors involved, graceful and on-time.

Here is the first half of the project.  Test firing and finals to follow.

Although the overall stone veneer for the oven was chosen to match other stonework on the house, the face arch was left to me.  The design is meant to reflect the divided panes of glass, light and dark, that are part of the greenhouse structure.  It incorporates dark and light granite and an Irish limestone keystone, part of the owners diverse background.

The next post will show the finishing touches and the exterior building that encloses the oven dome itself with abundant insulation.

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