Saturday, March 31, 2018

Mobile Brick Oven Restaurant : part one

I've built a number of portable brick ovens in the past.  All of them were built on or in trailers and were 'stand-alone', meaning the oven could be parked and whatever equipment was needed for prep and serving was set up alongside.

The project below is for an entire restaurant kitchen covered trailer.
It is built on a twenty-foot dual axle trailer and, when completed, will have appliances, walls and a roof.
One important goal was to keep the weight down to a minimum and leave space and capacity for the other equipment.

The angle iron lintel over the mouth will allow a hood to be welded in front of and above the mouth to exhaust the smoke.
Photos below show the oven with insulating concrete on exterior, my handprint signature, ready to be completed by metal worker.  More later...

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