Thursday, March 1, 2018

Brick Oven Dome Building

All ovens start with a design idea.   Dome building however, is technical.  Just because an oven looks great from the outside, doesn't mean it will work if the physics of shape, thermal management, and flue design are wrong.
My personal oven in conservatory
TBO 36" at deck level
A sauna room was built under it as a way of providing a foundation with another purpose.
They do not share heat sources or flues.

More than 30 ovens later... there's more learned and more to add.  Precise dome bricks make a strong oven.

Domes, rather than barrel vaults produce even heat.

Note: Common misconception--the hole in the top is NOT the chimney!  It is the last part of the dome that needs to be closed.

Bricks pre-cut on styrofoam dome 

view from top before final chains 

The final space ready for keystones
Pre-cut and fitted keystones
TBO innovated this way of fitting the keystone.

View of dome roof from inside

Greek style oven by TBO
TBO collaborates with owners to make each project unique to person and place.  This oven was built due to the customer's heritage and taste.  An opportunity that exists with every oven TBO builds.

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