Monday, February 7, 2011

Brick Oven Environments

There is good reason to consider the room or environment where a brick oven is placed. Aside from the proximity to eating, preparation, or entertaining rooms, a brick oven can create an entire mood.
This room, know alternatively as 'The Tuscan Room' or 'The Smallest Restaurant in the World' is adjacent to the kitchen but has ample space for a table, four chairs, and the ingredients of a delicious meal.
An evening eating here is an evening in another world.

Alternatively, an oven  built into an 'outdoor kitchen' can create a mild-weather entertainment space without altering the house-proper.

TBO 36 in  Ventura CA

TBO 36 and grill/range and workspace in Maine
Patio design and install by TBO

Stone building for TBO 54 at Pietree Orchard in Sweden Maine

TBO 36 in NH

Portable  brick oven at Sheehan Gardens, Milton NH

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