Wednesday, February 2, 2011

What is Ovenworks now

I began the business of building brick ovens by building a portable oven. This let me demonstrate the qualities of brick oven cooking and let people see, first hand, a true brick oven in action. The trailer, the oven, and my truck has since traveled all over New England. What started as 'Ovenworks' has split into two parts, Ovenworks and True Brick Ovens.
The oven on the trailer now regularly appears at fund-raisers, local food events, and can be loaned to slow-food entrepreneurs in order to try-out brick oven cooking.
The above sampling of breads were the result of an invitational bread baking day where half a dozen bakers brought loaves to be baked in the portable oven. Weighing in at 2000 pounds, the oven is the real thing.

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