Thursday, September 27, 2012

Brickwood Ovens' New Blog

Owner of this oven sent this photo ("Help").  Oven didn't work.

Brickwood Ovens has posted a blog in response to my past posts on their oven design.


Take their advice on insulation and adding a smaller mouth inside the outside face.  You'll get a better oven.

If you want to spend $1000 plus materials for an oven, look over the many posts on this blog for do-it-yourself traditional brick oven design.  You can build them the way they've been built for 2000 years.
Buona fortuna.

If you need to economize, build a cob oven (see earlier post).
If you want a real brick oven, this blog has many posts giving detailed directions.

I welcome comments on this post and any others you find on my blog.  By sharing information and experience, the products and approaches to building and baking in brick ovens are improved.


  1. Have now met the man 'behind the oven' and found his demeanor to be somewhat understated and reserved. He is no salesman, but rather a mild-mannered, creative man who knows his trade/craft. (I must admit, though, that his blog picture with a hand on his shoulder is kinda creepy!)

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  3. This is a bogus post and simply an attack on a competitor. You don't really offer much assistance for those wishing to build ovens other than promoting your own projects. I'll admit you seem skilled at building large projects, BUT... the folks as offer a lot of easy to find info and much of there building process is the same as the building advice you offer here!

  4. I might recommend to anyone thinking this is anything but an accurate post to consider that there are over one hundred posts I've offered to readers who want to build their own ovens. I talk on the phone or email advice free to those who ask. Professional masons have called me to understand oven details because the needs of a brick oven are not standard methods. I appreciate comments if they are accurate. I build an average of seven ovens a year, poor competition for any mass manufacturer of kits, refractory shells, or foam forms and videos who ship thousands of units per year.
    As they said in Pompeii just before Vesuvius erupted, "ignorantia sit beatitudo".

  5. These three years later, I still have issues with companies that don't supply sufficient (or any) insulation for ovens or supply materials that won't withstand frequent use over many years. ANYONE who builds or purchases a wood-fired oven deserves to have it function for their lifetime. Regarding the building of brick ovens, I've published nearly 500 posts, many on how DIY builders can construct a successful brick oven. Please use this blog as a research tool before buying economic kits from other companies.