Monday, September 17, 2012

Talkin' Community Brick Ovens

This Friday, September 21st, I will be speaking at the Common Ground Country Fair in Unity, Maine. 

The subject is, 'The Community Oven in Our Future'.   Talkin' will be supported by a equally stimulating set of photos taken at brick ovens from all over the world.  Because 'future' is the focus, I will answer questions about the social and culinary qualities of community brick ovens and any other questions that come along.

This blog is posted frequently in order to support the virtual brick oven community.  Your participation in contributing items is welcomed and encouraged.

Also coming up... is the Grandview Farm Harvest Dinner, location of the farm that produces much of the farm-to-table produce that makes Vignola/Cinque-Terre Restaurant in Portland Maine distinctive.

The farm has two brick ovens which I have built that will be roasting and baking food for the extraordinary dinner by Chef Lee Skawinski and his many sidekicks.  Grandview Farm owners, Dan Kary and Michelle Mazur-Kary enthusiastically host the event.

More on that later...

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