Saturday, March 30, 2013

Dome Building Revisited

One of the first blogs I posted talked about building brick domes.   I've done a lot of brick oven building since then.  And fortunately, the brick domes have gotten better: stronger and better fitted together.
The herringbone pattern for the oven hearth is laid over a base course of brick for extra mass.
The insulation underneath is 'Foamglass' a solid block refractory product.

Base layer of fire brick over 'Foamglass'

A Czech mason I met last week said that he tries to improve his work with every project with the hope that by the time he's gone, he will have reached perfection.

The current project at Pietree Orchard, a 54" interior dome will have double the mass and a huge stone face and enclosure.  The location is idyllic, surrounded by orchards, vistas of the Presidential range of the Appalachian mountains, and a great crew of people.

Each detail of the oven is custom and geared toward a full-time, production oven.  Some photos here will help illustrate the fine points.  Check in for part 2 soon.

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