Friday, May 6, 2016

Brick Ovens Cost Less than Fireplaces

Fireplace by TBO
Brick oven in kitchen by TBO
Both fireplaces and brick ovens contain visible fire.  Both burn wood.  Both come in either insert or hand built traditional versions.  Both require work by masons for decorative exterior finish.

Fireplaces are notoriously inefficient.  They are located in living rooms and often compete with the widescreen TV for attention.  They are cozy and attractive in cold weather.

all brick oven in colonial house by TBO
Brick ovens are the MOST efficient cooking device I know; they use a small amount of wood for a lively fire and days of cooking.  They are commonly located in kitchens, in or outdoor, or in entertaining areas.  They make food.  AND they cost almost exactly the same as any comparative fireplace design.

Entire room w/oven by TBO
Locating a brick oven in a kitchen or entertaining area creates a natural focal point.  The fireplace, often seen as the place to sit in front of on a cold night, has slowly become obsolete.  Brick ovens brings the gathering into an eating area and if you are making food, it becomes an ongoing place of activity, even participation.

TBO oven in Art Deco loft

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