Saturday, May 7, 2016

Restaurant Brick Oven Build- Part Seven

Preparing for the stone hearth, the granite arch (or brick, or tile, or other choices) requires preparing the entire plane of the front for masonry.

In many cases, the brickwork of the oven doesn't extend to the ceiling or limits of the structure in which the oven in contained.   Steel framing, standard at most lumber yards, is used to frame the space and this is covered with cement board, both of which are non-combustible.
pre-fitting the granite arch stones

Hearth supported while arch is set
This structure needs to be stiff and I most often place the framing on 12" centers.

A smooth stone hearth is set on a granite lintel and then the primary face arch is constructed, in this oven of two types of granite with the thermal surface out.

Part eight will show the remainder of the veneer work.

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