Sunday, May 1, 2016

California Brick Oven and Wine Cellar

Some years back I built a brick oven and wine cellar in southern California.  I had the wonderful experience of working with Latino masons (U.S. citizens) on the wine cellar I designed in the hillside where a concrete tool shed had been.

Wine Cellar before door (veranda on top)

St. Charles MO oven and Charcuterie

As often happens when I go far from home to design and build, local masons are invaluable as both assistants and capable master masons for parts of the project that are within their experience.

I've done this with the ovens in California, Missouri, and West Virginia.

Then years go by.  When I see the ovens in action, I recognize nearly every stone that I placed even though I am not present for the food cooked.

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