Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Brick Oven in my Conservatory

I've built two portable brick ovens for myself.  The first one, I gave to an aspiring young chef when I learned that she'd cooked in it every day for five months following the loan of it to her.
The second, the 'Audrix Model', I built after returning from the Dordogne region of France where I stayed in a hamlet associated with a chef here in the states with family there.
Both were featured and used at the 'Meet the Chefs' pavilion during the Northern New England Home and Garden Show each May.

community oven in Audrix, France
Now, on the cusp of building a stationary one in the conservatory of my own house, I've just completed the greenhouse brick oven shown in a recent post.  In New England, where winters tend to prevent Mediterranean lifestyles, the conservatory I designed and built is intended to create the illusion of a gentler climate.
The TBO 'Audrix' model used at "Meet the Chefs"

A real first snow fell this week making the prospect of building the oven imminent.  The design and  building of my own next oven will appear in posts over the winter.

The house I designed and built by hand in Maine.  Brick oven to go in tall section in center.

My first portable, now at Sheehan Gardens in Milton, NH

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