Saturday, November 19, 2016

North Carolina Brick Oven

I've mentioned my brick oven travels before to California, Missouri, West Virginia, New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and my nearby New Hampshire and Maine.  This week, I've added North Carolina to the list.  Will I get to all 50 states?  Unlikely.
Yet, these projects, often in contrasting locations and for diverse customers, give me a chance to build ovens for places as well as people.
brick floor over block insulation
arch form for mouth

Last round opening ready for keystone

buttresses ready for face arch

showing the flue opening and my handprint signature on the insulation concrete shell

You don't get this look with cast refractory ovens!

In this case, I've built only the core, that is the dome structure.  Coppersmiths and other masons will finish the exterior to the owners taste.

This dome will be covered (after insulation) with a copper dome.  I look forward to it's final appearance.  As with all ovens I leave before I get to test fire them, I direct the owner to the 'Operator's Manual' on my website.

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