Thursday, October 11, 2018

somebody say 'CHOCOLATE?'

I was recently in Rockland,  Maine, famously known for both lobster and the gateway to Penobscot Bay.

On a quiet side street, a sign hangs inviting anyone to enter the Bixby (chocolate) Bar Co.

It's a factory AND tasting room with an audio-visual guide to the making of chocolate (as we know it).

The space, once a fish processing plant, then ice factory, is now clean and light, with spacious seating for anyone wanting to sit down and try their bean-to-bar organic chocolate products.

Of course I did.

All but the first photo are taken from the AV show.
Apparently chocolate doesn't come from the candy counter at the store!

It starts out as a really amazing fruit and goes through fermentation, drying, and milling before the sugary thing we eat is formed.

Bixby even sources their sugar from organic growers in Brazil and they have developed professional relationships with small farms in the equatorial belt of the world, where all chocolate is grown.

The Bixby chocolate tastes kilometers better than any other I've tried.

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