Thursday, February 28, 2019

Brick Cutting: 101

There are only so many ovens I can build myself.  There is an unlimited number of people who want to build their own oven.   I address this post to you.  Below are some photos showing how laying out the sets of bricks for a dome prior to construction can contribute to accuracy and efficiency.

#1 and #2 arch bricks allow accuracy in forming domes and arches
 I use a 12" diamond blade on a compound miter chop saw.  I soak the bricks to cut dust and add lubrication.  The blade last longer too.
Styrofoam forms allow the pre-cutting of bricks to be accurate

 Numbering bricks make boxing and building with them orderly
(note: My assistant numbered these, thus the 'IIX' which should be 'VIII' Roman numerals)
Also note that the top course 'jumps' three bricks since individual brick would be too thin. 

Keystone is cut only when dome is built 
Seven part Keystone is my design.

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