Thursday, March 28, 2019

Brick Oven Building Workshop at 2019 Kneading Conference

In case you will be there:
2019 Kneading Conference Workshop Spotlights
Brick Oven Building Workshop 
Led by David Neufeld of True Brick Ovens

This workshop will  cover the technical aspects of building brick ovens with fire brick. Throughout history, the dome has been the traditional and most durable shape for brick ovens.  Starting with the readily available rectangular fire b rick, attendees will be shown how to shape bricks to form a perfect dome.  Construction of the oven mouth and face arches as well as flues will be demonstrated.  Detailed hand-outs covering the insulation and mortar materials will be available to assist anyone going on to construct an oven on their own.

David has built over 40 residential, bakery, and restaurant ovens since founding True Brick Ovens in 2008.  His work as a stone mason extends back nearly fifty years.  Learn more about David's work:

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