Sunday, March 3, 2019

Brick Oven Tools and Tricks

Having the right tools to cook with is a given.  Unless you don't.  You may improvise but the results may be awkward.
Knowing certain tricks of a trade can make the difference between struggling to get results and cruising through the process.

Here are both as applies to brick oven use.

Peels, both wooden and metal are for introducing and removing food

An assortment of stainless steel pans is useful for broiling
 Metal peel used for introducing focaccia to oven
Wood peel for placing pizzas in oven

Curved steel ash dam against coals prevents edge of pizza from burning
Door set  up  on thin bricks is way of controlling burn
In addition to the above, a hollow tube can be used to puff off the ash on the floor (after scraping or brushing the ash) when preparing to cook directly on the oven floor.

Knowing the temperature of the floor, dome and other parts of the oven is most easily accomplished with an infrared thermometer.  Choose one that reads up to 900F as your oven will reach that temperature at times.

Handles of two hoes can be seen at right side of oven.  Peels and pans on right wall.
Conveniently located tools such as hoes for pushing wood and ashes, and the cooking gear may be hung close by.

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