Thursday, October 6, 2011

Market Day in Perigueaux, Dordogne, France

On Wednesdays in Perigueaux, the center ville is full of fresh food market stands. As may begin to be seen in the U.S. wood-fired organic wheat bread loaves were for sale. I spoke with Philippe Serre of "Le Pan de Peyrignac" a bit before buying a kilo loaf of hearth bread (later consumed in part with brie). He invited me to join him on one of the three baking days when he fired his oven in Bergerac.

At present, I am staying at a family farm in a tiny hamlet near Le Bugue being renovated from it's original state of centuries ago. As always in Europe, I am fascinated by the layers of masonry (doors closed with new stone, doorways made into windows, brick, stone and stucco, seemingly randomly applied to construct or repair a wall.

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