Sunday, December 4, 2011

Indoor Brick Oven Construction: Part 1

I have become an advocate of interior brick oven installation (see October 31 blog). The next number of blogs will take you through the process of placing a brick oven in a residential kitchen setting. The construction is not that different from outdoor ovens. There are times (later this winter in an colonial era house) when a masonry base makes sense and the support already exists below the floor.

In this case a well-framed base and support beneath the floor combined with lightweight insulation materials and a lightweight exterior treatment permit the oven to sit as safely as any comparable weight appliance (such as a hot tub).

Foamglass, Fiberfax, firebrick
The materials used here are 2x half inch cement board over plywood base cover, 4" of Foamglass, and 2" of Fiberfax panel insulation board.
The base was measured and built so that standard counter-top widths and heights meet the exterior of the oven volume. A setback of the oven floor will accommodate a stone working shelf in front of the oven mouth.

In order to provide maximum space in the interior of the kitchen remodel, the outer framing of the oven enclosure utilized unused space in the corner of the garage (about 18" by 5') and a small bump-out on the back of the building.

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