Friday, December 16, 2011

Indoor Brick Oven Construction: Part 3

The point where the dome meets the mouth requires the most custom attention. 
This oven has the angled brick mouth that allows easy access to the cooking area. This means that the bricks that 'spring' the arch need to be cut square to the face of the oven (an interesting geometric exercise). The tall butress brick assures extra strength to the side of the spring bricks.
If the mouth was constructed with angle-iron, the dome will be meeting the mouth along a straight plane.
If the mouth is an arch, it will meet the dome along that curved plane.
Either way, the goal is to make the meeting points rest vertically on the mouth and allow the dome to complete the circular shape that makes it strong.
As shown, I take advantage of the open front to bring the dome as high as practical before closing the front with the mouth arch or angle-iron. I then bring the bricks forward to meet the mouth, custom cutting the bricks as I go.

Eventually (next blog) the second arch will define the throat bringing the construction to the face of the oven.

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