Friday, February 17, 2012

Brick Oven Book Review

Andrea Mugnaini's The Art of WOOD-FIRED Cooking contains nearly all that one needs to launch a long and pleasurable venture into brick oven baking. A native Italian, she brought brick oven manufacture and cooking to California in the earlier days of the Brick Oven Renaissance.
The book published by details some of the finer points of learning to use your oven. The recipes have all been well-tested and the photos are delicious.

Cesare Casella and Eileen Daspin's Diary of a Tuscan Chef is a storybook cookbook, bringing the reader not only into the life of Cesare Casella and his family but through the seasons of Tuscany and the dishes prepared from the fruits of the land.  Where most cookbooks get propped up next to the kitchen work counter, this one will feel at home while you sip wine on a soft chair.

Essentials of Classic Italian Cooking by Marcella Hazan is the equivialent of Julia Child's classic treatise. You get it all. The chapter on focaccia, pizza, bread, and other special doughs will be of interest to brick oven bakers as it explores the regional takes on all forms of risen dough.

With all this resource, could there be anything to add?  For most readers of this blog, that would be a yes, si, ja, da, of course... a brick oven.

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