Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Keystone

Masons tend to be a fairly tough bunch, not prone to cry when a finger gets pinched or get sentimental when a photo of the Great Wall flashes on the news...BUT ask masons about keystones and you may find some sensitivity.

On any arch built from multiple pieces of masonry, the keystone is the structural block that gives it strength.  It is also the visual centerpiece of the work.  Often, masons will carefully select the keystone to showcase their personal style and just as often, the keystone is what ties modern masons to ancient ones.

Because brick ovens generally have an arch that spans the mouth, keystones become part of the individual personality of the each oven. 
the exception
individual taste

Owner-built or mason-built ovens (custom-built ovens) offer an opportunity for style and the keystone is an important place to express that style.

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