Sunday, January 13, 2013

California Brick Oven

The Ventura project offered the opportunity for some unique details.

Among them are:

  1. Stone roof
  2. Front face arch cut from a single piece of large paving stone plus an ocean-smoothed keystone
  3. Jerusalem stone side accents
  4. Generous limestone shelf extending beyond the side of the oven structure
  5. A stone chimney

As each project is approached with the view to customizing the details to the location and taste of the owner and providing a local and cultural context to the aesthetic design, it is unlikely that an oven identical to this will be built in the future.  That would be virtually impossible even if the spirit of this oven was requested.

Back in New England now with some interesting detailing to add to future projects, I've just started a fire in my own brick oven for roasting a leg of lamb this evening.

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