Sunday, January 27, 2013

Stone Roofs

Stone is such a permanent, elemental, building material that its use for roofing a structure provides a timeless appearance.

For a few years now I've been slating roofs with old recycled roof slates.
Roofing slate is thin, tough, and can be worked with a unique set of tools.
A paper-cutter-like tool puts a chipped but perfect edge on the trimmed side of a slate.
A pointed hammer pops a hole (from the back) that produces a counter-sunk blowout which accommodates the copper nails.

Patio slate cannot be used as it will shatter.

In France, the Perigord of the Aquitaine region, houses are roofed with 'loes',  a limestone rock layered like shingles.  These very beautiful roofs have lasted for centuries (or until termites have eaten the beams that support them).

Recently in Ventura CA, I used thin schist to roof a brick oven.


  1. I agree. Stone roofs add a classic appeal on the appearance of the structure that will retain for years. This is very interesting since it is not a common roof material in some countries. It’s good to know that there are people like you, who appreciate this kind of material, and use it in creative way. Thanks for sharing this. :-)

    Richard Boles

  2. I totally agree about the timeless appearance of stone roofs. It is the primary reason we decided to stone-coat our metal roof, actually. Yeah, the need for a reliable protection overhead only comes second. :* What a beautiful and durable roof a stone roof makes. :) Allyson

  3. I wanted to go to a village and see the beauty that a stone roof can give to all the houses there. I love the fact that it’s more durable and that it adds to the curb appeal of the house. Your photos are getting me excited about the roof installation that will start next week in my new house. I wish I had a stone roof. Haha! :D

    -Kemberly Loyd-

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