Thursday, January 31, 2013

Residential Brick Ovens

The current popularity of residential brick ovens appears to be based on their entertainment value.  A good enough reason.

A group of guests (except for a couple of guys, beers in hand) won't gather around a grill.  Your guests certainly won't stand in front of your kitchen range, fascinated by the view through the heat-proof window of the oven.

All the wood-fired brick ovens, I've built or seen attract watchers.  Many of them provoke participation.

The added bonus of wood-fired brick ovens comes from their versatility as cooking devices.  Avid cooks dream of brick ovens.

The final bonus is the connection to a way of cooking that is millennia-old.

Residential wood-fired brick ovens, especially indoor installations, require some care to insure safe operation.  Fortunately, modern refractory materials: insulation, insulated chimney components, and various fire-proof design elements, make common-sense conformation to local codes easier.

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