Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Brick Oven Wish List

I've met hundreds of people who want a brick oven.  Not all of them will get one.  Actually, the ratio is about one out of one-thousand (of the people who wish).

The biggest obstacle is... money.
TBO custom brick oven
This does work

TBO portable
cast refractory

By defining what you want from a wood-fired oven, the odds dramatically increase that you will get one and that it will satisfy your needs.

cob oven construction
clay oven
Since wood-fired ovens span every culture and historic period, there are also a wide range of materials, methods, and costs for building one.

Compare it to this: Would I like a fifty-foot schooner to sail around the world? Or would a twenty-five foot cutter sloop that I can afford now get me out on the salty sea?

Listed here are the choices in ascending order of cost for wood-fired ovens that you may build or own tomorrow (metaphorically):
owner built
  1. Cob oven (see former post)
  2. Stone and mud oven
  3. Red brick oven
  4. Owner built fire brick oven
  5. Cast-refractory oven (see former post)
  6. Custom built Pompeii style brick oven (what I build) 
These ovens range in cost from $100 to $ky's the limit.  Safe to say that the Navajos didn't spend a dime on their ovens.

My first oven was built with salvage fire bricks from a pottery kiln.
I didn't want to be the other 999 people who just wished.

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