Wednesday, June 26, 2013

What $14K Buys

Williams-Sonoma will sell you this pizza making rig for $13,499.95.
The interior cooking area is 24" by 18", it is gas fired, and rolls around your patio.

An oven of more accommodating dimensions (such as a 30" interior dome) built by me or other qualified masons from real masonry materials would cost about the same.

An oven of much bigger dimensions built as a family or community project would cost much less.

The pictured oven here has these advantages:
  1. No burly masons working in your yard.
  2. Instant set-up (almost)
  3. No messy firewood to cut, split or burn.
  4. Your kids can ride on it.

Disadvantages you might consider are:
  1. You can make only one small pizza at a time.
  2. In x number of years it will be delivered to your local dump.
  3. You spent $14K (the cost of an economy car) on pizza?
  4. No great-smelling wood smoke to entice your guests.
  5. Your kids can ride on it.
As a mason, I can only say that the word 'Artisan' used to describe this device makes it possible for R2D2 to be an artisan mason if the robot had the right firmware.

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