Friday, June 14, 2013

The Barrel Arch Option

Last fall I posted a blog on a friend's colonial era home built by his great-grandfather.  It had huge granite 'arches' in the cellar supporting the chimney and their original fireplaces and masonry cooking gear.

We designed a brick oven to fit the space in the original kitchen where the original hearth had been and needs of the present home and preserved architecture.   H
e pursued some details that I have found illuminating.

For one, all my ovens have been domes but this one, because of space restrictions, needed to be a barrel arch.

His sense of proportions led him to create arch forms and arches that had multiple radii, a traditional look that makes this oven unique.

We used the same techniques and materials to insulate and mortar the bricks and are the point of attaching the stainless steel adapter that will connect the flue to the existing chimney via insulated stovepipe.
Proportions for the height of the oven interior to the mouth and the flue size were kept in line with working ovens.  The next steps will surround the oven with fiber insulation and exterior brickwork that will result in a very colonial look for his kitchen.

Please note that my friend is already a meticulous person who has experience in welding, house repair and machinery upkeep.  Although this is his first masonry project, he brought his attention to detail to the job and over the course of the winter, has built the oven he wanted.

To other owner/builders wishing to try building an oven, time and care and the primary factors.

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