Thursday, April 10, 2014

French Model Brick Oven

After six years of building 'Pompeii' style  brick ovens (more or less the classic Italian style seen everywhere), I am building a 'French Model' brick oven.  This is not an experiment in AI (artificial intelligence) or any commentary on the fashion world.

On the two occasions I visited the Dordogne region of France,  I stayed within walking distance of Audrix, where every Tuesday, Jose Boulanger fired up the community brick oven.  The design of the oven differs from the Italian oven in that the mouth is a barrel arch and the flue is faced with a lintel rather than a second arch.

My French Model, hereafter referred to as the Audrix Model, is being built in a modified horse trailer.  The dimensions and access doors of the trailer make it a suitable adaptation.  The rear doors, customarily there to keep the livestock in, will fold open to provide side working space for baking.  The double axle wheels are set far back so that the weight of the oven sits directly over the wheels making transport stable (no pun intended).

Naturally, the portable model will not have the full stone exterior. The face will look similar to the original oven in Audrix and the flue will exit between the oven mouth and a lintel above the front shelf.  Stay tuned.

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