Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Lava-Fired Brick Oven

Arenal from across the lake
On a recent trip to Costa Rica, I found that brick ovens were popular.  While staying and hiking below Volcano Arenal, a very recently active mountain, I came upon a remarkable oven; heated by lava.
view into oven

When I asked the proprietor how he came to use hot lava for making pizza, he said,
satisfied customers
"En el año 2002, cuando la parte superior de la montaña explotó he tenido la gran idea.  Así que cavaron un agujero en la ladera del volcán, lo suficiente como para que el calor se dispara en el horno. Nunca tuve que cortar la leña o esperar a que el horno a calentar bueno.  Aún los tomates crecen mejor en la tierra caliente."

Roughly translated, he doesn't need to cut firewood anymore or wait to heat up the oven.  Even his tomatoes grow better on the hot slopes.

Warning Kids:  Don't try this at home...

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