Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Chef Gracie Allen

Each year, in the middle of May, I get to see how any number of chefs make great food in my large portable brick oven.
I met Chef Gracie Allen, a personal chef, aboard a friend's boat, where she prepared exquisite meals in a tiny galley.  Since then, I've seen her in the garden she grows with her man, Sheehan in southern NH.

My former smaller portable brick oven, a regular addition to the Meet the Chefs event, needed a person to appreciate it full-time.  A bit over a year ago, I gave Gracie the oven.  Since then she has cooked in it almost constantly (except when at sea).

Last year, at the Northern New England Home, Garden and Flower Show  she presented at the Meet the Chefs event.  We featured barbecued ribs from White Gate Farm., slow-cooked in my large oven.
Throughout the growing season, Gracie and Sheehan host open garden events where people see and learn about their integration of growing, preserving, and cooking food.  She will be back with me at this year's event in May.  We plan on broiling a whole salmon which we will not have caught.

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